Hello, World!

Saturday, 29th of April 2023

This is not my first website or blog.
Over the years, I’ve had many attempts but never found the path to consistency when it comes to writing.

Every time I’d design a new website, build it, sometimes from scratch, sometimes using the latest technology, optimize it to hit perfect scores in all the web performance tests, write a few posts, then nothing.

Part of me wanted to say things and interact with you, world, but another part of me thought that no one would, or should, listen and that maybe what I had to say might not be of enough value.

My struggle wasn’t just digital. Over the years, I have acquired a collection of beautiful notebooks, all great pieces of craftsmanship, mostly blank, untouched, and full of potential.

I’ve been molded into a perfectionist from a young age, so I’ve always had an aversion to ruining my notebooks by writing in them. Each written word would decrease the amount of possible remaining words, reducing a notebook’s highly treasured potential and ruining any hope of perfection.

Perfection is a silly, unproductive idea with no place in the real world.
Nothingness alone may be perfect, but we are not nothing, we are something, and after all these years, I think I’m ready to work with that.

So, here’s my imperfect greeting to you.

Hello, world.
I don’t understand you any more than I understand myself.
I have no idea what, why, or where we are.
But I’m glad to be here.